Firouzeh Sharifi, R.P.

Hello, I'm Firouzeh, a registered psychotherapist specializing in trauma-informed care. I have a particular focus on working with neurodivergent individuals, mainly those with ADHD, drawing from over a decade of experience in this field. 

Taking the initial step towards therapy can be overwhelming and takes courage. I provide a confidential and supportive environment where you can explore your emotions, thoughts, and challenges. I guide you toward positive change through acceptance-based therapy, helping you uncover your innate strengths. I walk with you passionately, and I will be part of your journey inside you. Understanding yourself and your internal dynamics fosters resilience in facing life's obstacles.

Together, we delve into unconscious patterns that may hinder your personal growth and fulfillment, approaching this exploration with curiosity and without judgment. My approach is rooted in positive psychology, aimed at empowering you to confidently navigate life. Drawing from modalities such as psychodynamic therapy, CBT, and DBT, I tailor interventions to suit your unique needs.

My focus extends to equipping you with effective coping mechanisms for anxiety and supporting emotional regulation. As your therapist, I serve as a facilitator for the transformative changes occurring within your mind. Drawing from my personal experiences in therapy, I understand the courage it takes to embark on this journey.

Beyond therapy, I indulge in artistic pursuits like watercolour painting and gardening, finding solace in nature through walking meditation. Additionally, I cherish the companionship of pets and recognize the emotional support they offer. 

In addition to English, I am fluent in Farsi and French, offering therapy in multiple languages to cater to diverse communities. Whether taking your first step or continuing your therapeutic journey, I support you in navigating life's complexities.