ADHD Assessment

  • Do you have a hard time staying focused on tasks because you get distracted easily? 
  • Are you constantly feeling restless or find it difficult to sit still for a long period of time? 
  • Do your friends and family often tell you have a tendency to interrupt them or that you talk excessively? 
  • Are you always misplacing or forgetting things like your keys or your phone?
  • Do you feel that these behaviours are impacting multiple areas of your life such as work, school, and your relationships?

If you find yourself saying "yes" to multiple of these questions, it's possible that you're experiencing symptoms of ADHD. 

While it's natural for people to occasionally forget things, daydream, or act impulsively, these behaviours may also be indicative of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, frequently known as ADHD. People with ADHD have a hard time remaining focused, organizing tasks, controlling their impulsiveness, and meeting deadlines. 

ADHD consists of three different components: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Inattention involves lacking focus, being easily distracted, being forgetful, and having difficulty with organization. Hyperactivity refers to being restless, constantly fidgeting, talking excessively, and having difficulty staying in one place. Finally, impulsivity involves a lack of self-control, acting without thinking, making interruptions, and making impulsive decisions. 

ADHD doesn't present the same way for everyone. While some people with ADHD may be constantly in motion and have a hard time with sitting still, others may appear quiet and struggle to stay focused. It's also possible for some to experience both being hyperactive and lacking attention. 

Individuals with ADHD may notice that their symptoms are starting to negatively influence various areas of their lives. They may have a poorer academic or job performance due to procrastination and lack of focus. They may experience relationship problems because of their impulsivity, their lack of attention to conversations, or their tendency to make interruptions. They may also develop negative views of themselves, have a lower self-esteem, and constantly think that they should try harder. 

If you believe that you may have ADHD, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us for an ADHD Assessment. At Dream Wellness, we provide comprehensive ADHD assessments that are tailored to the unique needs of each person. Our assessments are conducted by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of ADHD and its complexities. We utilize a combination of interviews, questionnaires, and psychological tests to gather all the necessary information and evaluate your symptoms. 

Receiving an ADHD assessment can be extremely beneficial. It can provide clarity and validation, helping you understand the underlying causes of your difficulties. It allows you to seek and receive an appropriate treatment plan that will guide you on your journey to recovery. 

If you're interested about our ADHD assessment services, we encourage you to reach out to us. Contact us for a free consultation today, and we will be happy to discuss how we can support you in managing ADHD and promoting your personal growth.