Group Therapy

We provide a diverse selection of evidence-based group therapy sessions designed to offer support to our clients who are dealing with various emotional challenges within a supportive and non-judgemental peer group setting. Led by licensed and experienced facilitators, these groups foster a secure and encouraging environment for growth. We offer a variety of group formats, including both virtual and in-person options, ensuring accessibility and catering to different preferences. 

Thriving Wellness group

Thriving Wellness group: Our thriving wellness group is especially designed to help individuals who are navigating difficult and demanding times. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by numerous responsibilities, experiencing a loss of passion and motivation, or simply seeking a fresh perspective and valuable coping mechanisms, our group sessions are tailored to provide the support you require. By incorporating evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based approaches, our group sessions aim to help participants stay present in the moment, foster self-compassion, develop practical coping strategies, and reduce the impact of stress in their daily lives. 

To take advantage of these services, we encourage you to contact us today and secure your spot in the group.